Sea and Silk Home Design Front Door After

As most of you know I am currently in the process of a huge house reno (ah!). A lot of our big stuff is done and by that I mean we have a functional kitchen LOL. I thought I would share some updated photos and some fun before and after with you all. 

When planning for the house I knew I had to combine my minimal/neutral style with Timothy’s more colourful/rustic vibes. Blending light woods with blacks and a few darker woods did the trick. I also gave a pop of colour for our temporary record shelves (we are eventually building our own). This is our main floor of our house and the areas we have done the most work so far. Whats next? We STILL have not finished our bathroom (ran into a problem or two LOL). At this point we need to first build our second bathroom before we can finish the first as we will need to fully take our the toilet and vanity to finish off the floor tiling. Talk about WORK. Honestly guys I was mainly the designer/painter…I basically cried when I had to drill something so please don’t think I did any of the hard labour LOL. #honesty;) Hope you guys enjoy the scroll!


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