The Sea and Silk experience

Beach Elopement

Not packages but experiences.

On average, wedding planning takes about 400 hours or more.

That is A LOT – we know! Why not leave the work to the professional so you can enjoy your time as an engaged couple? At Sea and Silk we are ready to incorporate timeless looks with a modern adventurous touch to reflect your style and tell your story. No two weddings are the same and we pride ourselves on tailoring each planning experience unique to each couple. While we offer the experiences below we appreciate that custom planning is the best way to work with a couple as each and every couple’s needs are unique. If the below experiences don’t seem what you are looking for – reach out and we can create a custom package!

Wedding planning and design is so thoughtfully romantic, personal, and artistic.

That is just a few of the reasons we would LOVE to work with you! Our personal approach and custom designs helps ensure we are putting personal touches on your entire planning and wedding day experience. Please see below for a full detailed list on what we can offer you.

Full Planning
Custom Design
Day-Of Planning

The Full Planning and Custom Design Experience

We are there with you every step of the way. This is a full service experience and is for the client who wants a stress-free planning experience. We do everything under the wedding umbrella in this experience. We are you planner, stylists, designer, coordinator, and everything in between. When we say full planning – we mean full planning!

Highlights Include:

  • Bridal Checklist
  • Vendor Management: Choosing vendors, communication, and meetings
  • Budget Management: development of budget and tracking of budget
  • Timeline Management which includes a preliminary timeline, a master timeline, a photography/videographer timeline, a catering timeline, a DJ/band timeline
  • Event Production
  • 2D Floor Plan
  • 3D Floor Plan
  • Direction of Rehearsal, Ceremony and Reception
  • Access to Client Folder
  • Unlimited email correspondence
  • Unlimited meeting hours
  • Full design booklet (10-14 pages)
  • Complete 3D venue layout
  • Full styling on day of
  • Emergency kit + emergency management
  • Full set up
  • 2023
  • $ 7500 Starting Price
  • 2024
  • $ 8500 Starting Price

Pricing listed as starting point – since every wedding is unique, our prices are too!

The Custom Design Experience

Wanting something unique and beautiful? This one’s for you!

We take care of the styling, design, and all things decor! We are ready to tell your story and take the design beyond the expected. We want to listen to your dreams and develop a vision for you. This experience will ensure your vision is flawlessly brought to life and seamlessly executed.

Highlights Include:

  • Decor budget consultation and management
  • Personalized wedding design booklet (8-12 pages)
  • 3D rendering of event so you can see your details come to life
  • Full design floor plan
  • Provide any other needed vendor recommendations as needed
  • Decor vendor management which includes attending meetings (florals, stationery, rentals)
  • Styling and setting up of details on the day of the wedding
  • Unlimited email correspondence related to design
  • Unlimited hours of design consultation
  • 2023
  • $ 2800 Starting price
  • 2024
  • $ 3000 Starting Price

Pricing listed as starting point – since every wedding is unique, our prices are too!

The Wedding Management Experience

Also known as day of coordination or month of coordination. This is an experience suited for those who need a planner’s touch to pull everything together ensuring the final details are effortlessly executed.

Highlights Include:

  • Meetings leading up to the wedding starting one month out
  • Timeline Management
  • Coordination of Vendors
  • Production Management
  • Direction of Wedding Rehearsal, Ceremony and Reception
  • Access to a honeybook sharing software
  • Set up
  • 2023
  • $ 2000 Starting Price
  • 2024
  • $ 2500 Starting Price

Pricing listed as starting point – since every wedding is unique, our prices are too!