I am sure couples notice a difference in pricing from vendor to vendor. The main difference at the end of the day (usually)? Experience. Experience is so huge in this industry. This is not to say do not work with a new vendor – after all we all started somewhere and I wouldn’t be where I am now if my early couples did not take the chance on me (endless thank yous x). At the end of the day everyones budget is different and you have to work within that and I totally get it! Like many other industries you will “get what you pay for”. Lets look at a few different vendors and why experience is important:


I have seen albums from vendors doing this for 10+ years and ones just starting out. The ones just starting out often miss certain moments or captures in their albums vs. the ones who have been doing it for years capture every moment and then some. The experience is in that finished album once all is said and done. The differences are there (I see tons of albums so trust me;)).⁠


Having an experienced MUA and/or Hair stylist is important to your morning schedule running smoothly and your overall look. An experienced artists knows how long each style takes and how long a make-up look will take to achieve – they also know the tricks to keep the look lasting all day. They then ensure they are arriving with plenty of time to get the looks done, and do touch-ups on everyone prior to leaving. Make-up artists experience is also vital when it comes to professional photography – they know the products, and coverage to ensure you and your party do not look washed out in the professional photos. Experience truly matters to get these things right!


There is a process to planning weddings and a ton of moving parts and info and budget sheets and vendors and tracking and ensuring you have everything you need booked, the list truly does goes on. An experienced planner has years under their belt learning and growing with their process (and lets face it I am sure a few learned lessons along the way – as all vendors or business owners know!). They have implemented processes to ease the planning and know what to do at each step. They have tried and true methods to executing a day to perfection and solving problems seamlessly if they arise. ⁠

I hope this gives a good insight into pricing differences! X

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