Wedding vows are one of my fav parts of wedding ceremonies. They are something extremely personal and represent you and your partner’s commitment to on another.

The process of saying your vows in front of your friends and family is so intimate. Writing your own vows is personal, and provides your loved ones an even further look into your love story and promises to one another. Writing your own vows is certainly not for everyone but if you want to give it a try I highly recommend it. Here are some of my tips for this!

Keep List of All Your Thoughts

Prior to even starting to write your vows I recommend keeping a list of cute things you think would work in your vows when they come to mind. Sometimes the thoughts can pop into your head during your everyday living with your significant other. WRITE THOSE DOWN! This will come in handy for when you actually sit down to write your vows. Do you have to include everything on your list in your vows? No def not however it does provide you with some great starting points.

Planning to Write Your Vows

Make sure you take time to plan out when you will write your vows. Do not take it lightly and simply think you can do this the night before. You want to take your time with it and write our multiple drafts. Start by writing down your thoughts and feelings (use your list as well!). Make multiple drafts and ensure you read these out loud or to a friend. You still want to sound like yourself when saying them!

Do Not Tell Your Partner Your Vows Until The Ceremony

I mean do I even really have to say it? Ensure your vows are a surprise for your significant other. Of course your can have the conversation of “are we writing our own” “what style” “how long” etc. but do not read them to them until your wedding day.

Having been married I know that the wedding day is a total whirlwind so ensure to keep a copy of your vows to share again with your partner on the honeymoon or morning after. It can be hard to remember the exact words your partner said in the moment so ensure to share them again 🙂

Actually Make Promises

I know this one seems obvious, right?! BUT the amount of times I have seen people kind of just monologue their vows is a lot. Your vows are the time to make promises to each other so be sure you are actually making a few promises and not just listing what you love about the person.

Get Personal

I will say this over and over and over and over again about every aspect of weddings…MAKE. IT. PERSONAL. Don’t go online and copy and paste vows written by someone else. Draw on your relationship experiences and your every day life. Keep it to YOU TWO. Even if no one gets the joke but your partner include it! Personalization is key.


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