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Once March rolls around I always feel like wedding season isn’t too far away! May comes up fast after that. Lets be real – January always feels SUPER long and February feels long for being the shortest month!? I fully blame the gross weather. March always tricks us with some warm sunny weather hinting at spring coming soon and for me that means WEDDING SEASON! 


There is a lot to do during wedding season and prepping for it makes my life so much easier. Last year looked a little different and I expect this year to be different as well. With so much being up to the covid-19 regulations and restrictions in regards to weddings it has become increasingly harder to “prep” for the wedding season and get organized.  

Stay Organized

Given the circumstances, the best I can do is try to be as prepared as I possibly can be. This means a lot of calendar organization. I try to organize my task list with all my wedding to do’s before hand. Example: If I know I have a wedding June 07 (totally made up date) I would know I need to start timeline chatting with this couple about a month before the wedding so I add a reminder task to schedule in the meeting a bit before that! This helps me to not miss anything when things get super busy and amped up! I also be sure to schedule in some days off and rest days (these are super important especially after a wedding day – it is like an awful two day hangover if you’re wondering how exhausted it makes you 😉 . Essentially booking in my task dates and scheduling in to dos keeps me on track and on top of all my wedding clients planning. 

Plan B

Prepping for plan B! This is something I am almost in constant discussion with my clients on – especially during covid. Plan B right now is almost the same as Plan A (meaning hope for the best but expect a plan b or even c). That is simply the reality of covid and the times we are living in. That doesn’t mean things won’t change come wedding season or the best can’t happen – it just means we need to be prepared for it all. 


Another to do is to prep as much marketing as you can! This is the hard part (at least for me) I just started getting into a really good routine for my marketing efforts and truly there is SO always so much to do in regards to marketing a small business. It can often feel like a never ending to do list (ok I know right now you are like: “Amanda planning a weddings feels like a never ending to do list?!” and to that I say: but that is the FUN never ending to do list – marketing is a lot harder for me!). Prepping my blog posts and prepping posts is always a big part of wedding season prep time! It means I can have posts queued up and ready (I don’t always use this!) for my busy times and not stress about my marketing or my socials. 


The final (and some would also say very very important part of prepping for wedding season): R E L A X! I am constantly reminding myself that down time is needed in this wintery/end of wintery sort of season. Wedding season is super super busy so relaxing a lot before helps me mentally! 

Bring on the 2021 wedding season! xx.


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I'm an Ottawa-based wedding planner for boho beach brides (and your new best friend!). I'm addicted to tacos and nachos, and enjoy watching cheesy Netflix Christmas movies. My current accessory of choice is a wide brimmed hat, and would rather be barefoot than wear shoes.